Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I keep updated on the goings-on of 666photography?

Please sign up for our newsletter!  You can do so here:

I love my edits! Can I order additional photos?

Yes, you can order additional edits for a very low price per photo!  Once you have received all the images that are included in your package price, you may request additional edits.  If you have booked a for-a-day shoot with us, we will notify everyone when we are accepting orders for additional edits.  We will open for ordering only after every client has received all of their inclusive photos.

I have already shot with you! When do I get my photos?

It may take up to 8 weeks to receive all the images included in your package.  This means the fully edited web-ready previews and the fully edited hi-res images (ready to print).  These images are photographer’s choice.  Gayla picks the best images of the hundreds of photos you take.  She goes to painstaking detail editing each image perfectly.  Some photos are ready much sooner, some take longer to perfect.

I have booked a shoot with you! Yay! Now, What do I bring?

If you booked one of our portraiture or model packages, you are responsible for your wardrobe, shoes, accessories, etc. We are happy to help you decide what to bring.  I typically advise clients to bring anything they can think of that would work for their shoot theme on the day of the shoot.  The team spends the first part of the shoot helping you decide what to wear, what looks best together, etc.  They coordinate the hair and makeup with your wardrobe choice as well.  If you booked a high concept shoot, we provide the wardrobe. You will be responsible for your own undergarments and shoes.  Everything will be discussed during the booking process.

What can I expect on shoot day?

You will arrive at our location at your designated call time.  Come relaxed and ready to have a great time!  For most shoots it will only be Gayla and Lisa at your shoot.  We are an all female team so if you want to bring girlfriends for support, the more the merrier!  We typically do not allow men at the studio during shoots simply to keep the all female vibe going.  You will be pampered with hair and makeup (all which is included in your package price). Once it comes time to shoot, you will be given full direction if desired!  If bringing any beverages helps calm your nerves, we welcome you to do so!

Where are you located? Do you travel to shoot?

We are located in Austin, TX.  We are just minutes from downtown and an approximate 10-15 minute cab ride from Austin Bergstrom Airport.  As our sets and equipment are very involved and cumbersome, we do not travel to shoot.  It would be cost prohibitive to hire us to ship our team, sets, props and costumes.

Your work is so beautiful.. Your best shots are obviously professional models..Do you also work with non models..?

Yes!  Believe it or not, the vast majority of our business is non-model and privately commissioned work.  Most of our public-facing portfolio includes professional models simply because they are used to the public eye and released the images.  We respect the privacy of all of our clients.