Studio/Vintage/Junk/Estate sale Jan. 4th & 5th (Moving Sale)

Hey Everyone, We are purging as we speak getting ready for the huge Studio/Vintage/Junk/Estate sale happening on Jan. 4th and 5th.   Note that this is a sale consisting of 11years of a studio collection.   We are not selling everything we own, but more than half.  We will also be selling prints!!!  Nothing like new […]

Hellkitten Stacey

Studio Transformation!!

Hey everyone! We are currently moving down the hall of our studio building and couldn’t think of a better time to have the biggest Vintage/Garage/Estate/Junk/Studio sale.   We are shooting for Jan. 4th and 5th.  We are purging Eleven years of 666Photography.  You can only imagine what we are finding.   More details to follow. […]

Vintage Hollywood Glamour Shoot– Vintage bear skin rug!

Hi Ladies, This shoot is all about returning to the Classic Hollywood Glamour photo! The example photos below say it all. These will be classic glamour with a vintage BEAR SKIN RUG! 666 will open up our entire wardrobe to you! You could shoot this in a beaded gown and jewels, lingerie or corset, implied […]

Mosh for Whirling Turban4

Huge Summer Print Sale!!!!

So, over the year, we order prints then forgot we ordered them, and order more. Our bad memory is your gain! Making room for new prints and new stock to take with us to the Calgary Tattoo convention!  The discount prices are below, and are less than we sell them anywhere! 8X12: $15 (see pics […]


Hi Ladies! We’ve been putting off this shoot for a while (like over a year!), because it is going to require some major construction and we wanted to make sure we were ready with plenty of time for all of the building and painting!! Well, the time has come! 1960’s SURF BUNNY SHARK ATTACK!!!!!!! We […]