Opium Den High concept “For-a-day”!

Pretty sure this is going to be the most amazing for-a-day we have ever offered. Lisa and I are so excited we can’t stop talking about it, or buying props for it!  This will be a high concept theme: opulent, lush, full of props and details!

Think rich fabrics, vintage hookah pipes, unique props, silk pillows,  and lush detailing! We have jeweled peacocks, dramatic velvets, and the absolute coolest makeup plans!

And did I mention the headdress? Pretty sure I squealed when I found it. We will be providing the costumes for this, so we are going to need you to send us your bra size and dress size so we can have the perfect costume to fit you! You only need to bring underwear! Everything else will be provided! Woo!

The dates are October

9th and 10th

16th and 17th

This is first come first served. So email us quickly! We book out all shoots within a couple of days. If you only get to do one shoot with us, this should be it! This is perfect for all gals, all sizes, the burlesque dancer, lover of vintage, and lovers of 666 high concept shots! I feel like I have been collecting, unknowingly, for this shoot for years!

Shoot cost is $400 (remember, we are providing costume, so no other costs for you!). Deposit is $200. To make it easier to save, we will be doing it a bit differently this time. Most everyone gets paid every 2 weeks, so 2 weeks before shoot time, we will invoice you for $100, so all you have to bring on shoot day is the remaining balance! This will make it easier for most gals to afford a 666 shoot!

Email us at book666pics@gmail.com and put “Opium  Den” in the title. It will take us a day or two to sort out the schedule, so be patient. We will email you when the schedule has been set, then send the invoice for the deposit.

1x1.trans Opium Den High concept “For a day”!